Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.
— Richard Branson

Our greatest asset is our people. If we can manage growth and inspire our staff, then we are on to something great. Great companies are made by great people. Yes, it helps to have a good product, but ultimately people are what make it a great product. So how do we ensure we are taking them into consideration when selecting new business software. It's important that the solution you select benefits them and not just you? A cheap solution is great, but is it straightforward to use?

No organisation wants their staff’s valuable time consumed with managing software, working within the confines of the software’s capabilities. All too often people spend more time working with the software than doing what they are exceptionally good at, why they were hired.

Below are 3 main, yet simple, points to consider when selecting a Business Software solution that will provide a great experience for your most valuable resource!


Cloud Flexibility

Ensure whatever solution you select provides your business with flexibility. Software isn't a solution that needs to just fit for todays needs. What are your future requirements, what is your long term business plan and goals? Choosing a solution that provides you with the flexibility to grow means you are more likely to maintain a happy workforce. One of the number one struggles for employees is software that either a) Doesn’t work, or b) Doesn't allow them to do their job efficiently.

In selecting a totally flexible system that works with you and your business, you provide your employees with the ability to work worry free of any impending software doom!


Cloud Mobility

Give your employees the gift of mobility. There are plenty of options available today in the business software world that enable this! A business platform that is available on the go is essential for any modern day organisation. Giving you employees the opportunity to work remotely, flexibly and access information and data easily on the go not only improves their quality of work life, but also increase organisational efficiency. Everything available everywhere creates a very fluid business atmosphere, increasing business productivity and opportunities.


Employee Satisfaction

Last, but by all means not least, usability is essential. Far too many business applications do not fall into this category. If it's not easy to use, it is definitely going to decrease productivity, and increase employee frustrations. I cannot but enough emphasis on taking this into consideration in your selection process. Don’t look at software from your own perspective, have an employee look at the solution they use for their day to day job. If it gets a thumbs up, great, if there are far too many questions or complexities, it’s a definite no! You organisation's day-to-day activity should work seamlessly on any solution, and make it a dream for your employees to do their job. Make their job any more difficult that it already was, and you may have a couple of unhappy people to deal with!


Its an aspect of software selection that is seldom taken into consideration, but thinking of how this solution enhances my staff’s work experience is an important one. Too many solutions create a stifling or restrictive business experience that can lead to unhappy staff. At the end of the day, happy staff make happy customers. Be aware when selecting your software, and ask yourself “How will this make my employees lives easier?”

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