Joyus Integration Success

Headquaters: San Francisco, CA USA

Industry: Retail and Fashion


Joyus, a video commerce shopping experience founded in 2011, are focused on transforming the way people shop online via the intersection of video, e-commerce and the Joyus community. Their team of fashion, beauty, health and fitness experts are dedicated to finding the best products for their customers and telling users all about them in short editorial videos. By making it possible for users to watch and buy through a proprietary video player via desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Joyus truly have redefined the online shopping experience.

Building Foundations in The Cloud

As an innovator that anticipated today’s heightened demand for a flexible and agile system, Joyus embraced the Cloud early on, implementing NetSuite as their ERP platform. Implemented alongside their in-house OMS (Order Management System), Joyus were faced with a challenge that required the time of valuable resource, and created a lack of business visibility. At the end of play every day, the OMS would generate CSV files containing the information regarding their Vendors, Items, Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Receipts. These CSV’s would then be imported every morning, manually into NetSuite, to ensure that the data was kept up to date and in sync across all platforms, and allowing business continuity. Joyus had investigated a number of solutions that had not been successful. A number of integration providers had either come up short, not delivered or simply said that it could not be done.

The Solution

Joyus made contact with 3EN to gain further insight into how the integration could be achieved. Our technical team were immediately able to identify a solution, and promptly deliver an integration that accomplished, and automated the following:

  • Automatically retrieve CSV files from OMS.
  • Process the CSV files into each entity, sorted by date created.
  • Communicate with NetSuite to create or edit the entities.
  • Report on the success or error of data migration to the relevant people.
  • Automatically triggers every few hours.

This integration enabled the data in both NetSuite and OMS to be in sync within hours rather than days. Not only increasing business visibility, but the automated process allowed valuable resource, previously used to manually migrate data, to be allocated on more valuable tasks.


The end result for Joyus was a huge success:

  • Increased Business Visibility.
  • A Streamlined Business System.
  • Resource no longer needed for manual processes.
  • Data kept in sync between multiple platforms.
  • Scalable and flexible integration solution.


3EN constantly strive to deliver excellence into any area of any business we work with. Joyus have experienced 100% uptime in their integration, meaning their data and business is streamlined, unified and readily available. Our goal is also to create scalability and flexibility, understanding that every business has a plan to grow, and their systems should promote that growth, not hinder. That’s why our integrations are scalable and flexible allowing Joyus to grow, change and react while allowing 3EN to manage behind the scenes.

Case Study - Joyus

Case Study: Joyus