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At 3EN there is nothing we love more than seeing our clients succeeding in what they do. Below are three examples of clients who we have worked with, and continue to walk alongside in achieving business excellence for their organisation.


As an innovator that anticipated today’s heightened demand for a flexible and agile system, Joyus embraced the Cloud early on, implementing NetSuite as their ERP platform. Implemented alongside their in-house OMS (Order Management System), Joyus were faced with a challenge that required the time of valuable resource, and created a lack of business visibility.

At the end of play every day, the OMS would generate CSV files containing the information regarding their Vendors, Items, Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Receipts. These CSV’s would then be imported every morning, manually into NetSuite, to ensure that the data was kept up to date and in sync across all platforms, and allowing business continuity.

Joyus had investigated a number of solutions that had not been successful. A number of integration providers had either come up short, not delivered or simply said that it could not be done. 

The Solution

Joyus made contact with 3EN to gain further insight into how the integration could be achieved. Our technical team were immediately able to identify a solution, and promptly deliver an integration that accomplished, and automated the following:

  • Automatically retrieve CSV files from OMS.
  • Process the CSV files into each entity, sorted by date created.
  • Communicate with NetSuite to create or edit the entities.
  • Report on the success or error of data migration to the relevant people.
  • Automatically triggers every few hours.

This integration enabled the data in both NetSuite and OMS to be in sync within hours rather than days. Not only increasing business visibility, but the automated process allowed valuable resource, previously used to manually migrate data, to be allocated on more valuable tasks. 


The end result for Joyus was a huge success:

  • Increased Business Visibility.
  • A Streamlined Business System.
  • Resource no longer needed for manual processes.
  • Data kept in sync between multiple platforms.
  • Scalable and flexible integration solution.


As a pioneer in the fair trade movement, Fairtrade had already established NetSuite as their business platform before 3EN were involved. Being such a complex organisation with intricate requirements and managing sensitive information, Fairtrade’s NetSuite instance had experienced numerous setbacks due to unavailable resources. Requiring strict levels data management and segregation of duties, Fairtrade found themselves in a situation that caused their implementation to be restricted. It was at this point that 3EN were invited to review Fairtrade’s situation, and provide insight into a solution in progressing their NetSuite implementation. 

The Solution

3EN began by performing meticulous business requirements gathering and business analysis to assess the situation. 3EN presented their findings to Fairtrade, and an agreement was made on 3EN moving forward with Fairtrade’s solutions.

In summary, 3EN delivered the following solutions to get Fairtrade back on their feet, and NetSuite running how it should;

Role based access to various custom centre’s allowed for correct levels of access to the right information to the individual.

Document management and Group level access and permissions allowed project collaboration.

Field and record data locked allowing for segregation of duties and data management.

Multi subsidiary implementation, allowing management and security of data to each member organisation of the system.


The end result for Fairtrade was a system that was delivering against requirements, and functioning as NetSuite should. The solution consolidated KPI’s and key reports, alongside keeping data security and control at the core of the system. Data was no able to be governed and managed yet still readily available and role specific, enabling agile, flexible and real-time reporting.


As a relatively new business, Ara were using multiple software solutions to manage their business. Some issues were evident from the start, but manageable, others only appeared later with business growth. With the rapid growth of a successful business, holes began to show in the framework of their software. The use of multiple applications was causing duplicated input of data, contradicting reports, and a restrictive view of the true business standing. The complexity of utilising multiple applications also restricted business flexibility and scalability of operations resulting in difficulty growing what should be an ever expanding company.

The Solution

3EN's main goal was to provide Ara with a single view, source and input of data. By consolidating Ara’s software, data and data input with NetSuite, 3EN provided Ara with a 360° view of their business, that was a 100% representation of the data entered. With clean, accurate, real-time data available, reporting was streamlined, and business processes and rules were built-in to their single source, NetSuite OneWorld.

NetSuite, a pure cloud solution, also offers the flexibility and scalability that Ara required to enable them begin to grow, with the confidence of a unified back office.


Now operating in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Poland, the result was obvious, and the business that should have been growing was now able to do just that. As a result of consolidated data, process and software, Ara were provided with the tools to fuel their growth. NetSuite OneWorld allows Ara to be flexible, as pure cloud it enables access to data anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser, empowering a company like Ara to be as flexible and scalable as they need, or want to be.

In Summary

As you can see, 3EN have worked with a varied number of clients with their own specific requirements, solutions and stages of business. For each of these organisations, 3EN added valuable and measurable results. It is our goal to constantly drive business success and excellence for our clients, with their growth and scalability at the core of everything we do.

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