NetSuite offers a non-financial edition, NetSuite CRM+, that allows you to focus on streamlining your Customer Relationship Management.  This edition of NetSuite encapsulates Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Customer Support Management as standard.  In addition to this, you can add on Partner Management, Incentive Compensation, and SuiteAnalytics Connect.  This articles serves to provide you with a brief overview of each of the core components, as well as the add-on modules.

NetSuite Marketing Automation

 At the forefront of your business is your marketing engine that strives to get your business name and services or products in front of your potential customers.  NetSuite’s Marketing Automation tools allow you to create different subscriptions that your customers can subscribe to, to receive marketing information.  Empowering the email marketing functions, you can create templates for your campaigns, as well as automating scheduling to target batches of your customers at prescribed times.

Integrating forms to your website, it is possible to track your customer from the marketing campaign that brought them to you, through to sales, returning your profitability, in real-time, of your marketing campaigns.

In addition to the core functionality, NetSuite provides a wealth of information through its reporting engine, for example; campaign return on investment, campaign click through, lead source analysis, and sales breakdowns by marketing source.

NetSuite Sales Automation

Converting your leads to real business, and measuring the value of each opportunity is at the forefront of NetSuite Sales Automation.  When new information is captured through a form, it is automatically assigned to your sales teams or individual sales reps.

Once the sale rep has received their new leads, reps can establish new business opportunities that allow you to record the products they are interested in, as well as the buying time frame.  Realising these opportunities allows you to put a value on the potential business, and report upon it in real-time, through detailed reports on your pipeline.

With a single click, an estimate can be generated for the customer, and sent via email.  Similarly, any estimate or opportunity can be converted to a sales, with a single click.  Data from one form is migrated automatically to the estimate or sales forms, reducing data entry errors, whilst also speeding data entry.

NetSuite Customer Support Management

Equally important to nurturing new business is keeping your current customer base happy.  NetSuite supports this by integrating support management.  This allows your customers to contact you with support issues, and for you to centrally manage your customer support.  In addition to this, you can refer customers and their support cases to maintained knowledge bases of information.

NetSuite Customer Support features automatic assignment of cases to support reps.  This reduces the time it takes for a support query to get in front of the correct person.

The NetSuite Knowledge Base allows you to give customers access to frequently asked questions, which have known solutions.  Knowledge Base allows you to rapidly respond to common queries.

Customers can access their data through the Customer Centre.  This access allows them the ability to see all their support cases, as well as communicate with the support team.  In addition to this, the Customer Centre allows your customers to request quotations for work, and place new sales orders.

There are a number of add-ons available to the NetSuite CRM+ edition,

  • Partner Management – Allows you to create affiliates and franchise entities that sell your products on your behalf.  Partners can get access to the Partner centre as standard, or if you opt for the Advanced Partner Centre, you can empower your business partners with much more control of their data
  • Incentive Compensation – Allows you to calculate commissions due to sales teams and sales reps
  • SuiteAnalytics Connect – Formerly known as ODBC, SuiteAnalytics Connect allows you to connect to NetSuite directly from Microsoft Excel, pulling data in for analysis.  With the real-time behaviour of NetSuite, your SuiteAnalytics Excel reports can simply be refreshed with current data

Additional Standard Features

In addition to the core work areas discussed, NetSuite CRM+ boasts support for Activity management.  This allows you to truly capture data about your staff time and relationship with your customers.  Log meetings in your calendar, and associate them with a customer.  Record or schedule phone calls.  Leave notes on records.  It is also possible to use the document archive to upload files to NetSuite, and attach the file to multiple records on the system.

NetSuite CRM+ also features, as standard, the SuiteCloud Platform for customising NetSuite.  This allows the user to change NetSuite to fit with their specific business requirements.

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Note:  All NetSuite ERP editions feature NetSuite CRM+ as standard, giving you a completely integrating, single source of data system that manages both your customer relationships and financial processes.

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