Here at 3EN we feel that it is important that we communicate who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Hopefully you have noticed the common trend lately and the fact that since last year we have grown quickly, and with that comes change that we have had to embrace. In today’s blog we thought it would be useful to go over who we have become over this past year, as the contrast and impact is huge. So without further ado, here is an overview of 3EN, as it stands today.

3EN is a leading NetSuite Solutions Partner with staff accredited and certified up to ERP Consultant level. Our experience covers the full breadth of NetSuite’s functionality, from green-field implementations to significant change projects on existing systems. In addition to the design, configuration and implementation of NetSuite systems, we provide custom scripting services to tailor systems to requirements. This ability to extend NetSuite’s functionality has benefited customers who operate globally in a significant number of different industry sectors including retail, property, life sciences, leisure, food, technology and transportation.


Although we specialise in the delivery of NetSuite-centric solutions, we complement this through our significant experience in technologies such as web development, app development and the creation of digital content. Whilst we have the experience, accreditation's and methodologies in place to deliver end-to-end management of complex engagements to our own customers, we also provide discrete services to assist our partners in the delivery of success to their customers. Our success is demonstrated by our global customer base and history of successful engagements throughout the life cycle of information systems design, development and support.

We aim to always work with our customer to tailor a services package that best suits their needs. Having experience as a team of working remotely, working on premise, being integrated in premise, or working under a cover agreement on a client’s site, we can be flexible to a customer’s needs.


How 3EN Can Add Value

3EN has been working with NetSuite for 5 years, we are dedicated to NetSuite providing it exclusively as our ERP solution, with a dedicated and fully trained team of specialists. We have a specialised scripting, programming and R&D team for tailored customisation, who are supported by NetSuite and we have developed exclusive applications to enhance NetSuite (visualisation, system management, WIKI.). 3EN has a support desk covering 6 languages, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian and English and we have offices in Dublin, Bonn and Belfast, with additional staff located in England and the USA.

Many organisations have problems with bundling capability from development into live, ensuring zero impact on business as usual. This is a process that 3EN have successfully conquered and documented, ensuring a best practice process for gaining quick advantages in getting a solution up and running in key areas, while allowing you to focus on continual improvement and efficiency gains in your processes, to be released to your live system at a later stage. To improve reporting, 3EN have developed capability for managing visualisation of information, and delivery of data via Portlets, Restlets and Suitelets.

Then What?

Here at 3EN we strive to tailor services and solutions that best suit our customers. We aim to add value to organisations, providing them with a more economic, eco-friendly, Single system solution that will not only grow with them, but help in providing that growth. With our attitude, experience and overall commitment to what we provide, we believe we can provide customers with a world class experience, with world class results.

Thank you for taking the time to read, we hope that this gives you some insight into 3EN, and what we do. If you have any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact us with the form below.