Massive changes are sweeping the health sciences business landscape and are dramatically impacting healthcare and life sciences organisations. The industry faces constant regulatory change, escalating pressure to control costs and an increasingly complex competitive landscape. To adapt to this dynamic environment, organisations must be able to quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations.

Before you complete this blog, I would suggest you head over and read the first part of this series, where we discussed how essential it is to have complete Visibility and Scalability in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector. Diving into the true meaning, and dissecting the truth behind these components.

Today I want to continue on with the final part of that series and discuss a further 2 components, some might say even more essential, to the growth of organisations that are planning for the future in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. I will reiterate the same point from my first blog, this sector is one of the fastest, and most rapidly growing sectors in all of business, with regulation that can change at the drop of a hat. With this in mind, that’s why I want to cover Flexibility and Agility in today’s final section.

1.  Flexibility

With the ever changing landscape that comes with the territory of being in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector, it's essential that you are always on your toes. Like we covered in the first instalment of this blog, it’s essential to have the visibility of your business to understand and discover the changing landscape. The issue comes in here. Do your current processes and systems allow you to react? One of the key complementary components to business visibility is flexibility. Knowing you need to change, is only as good as being able to.

Healthcare and Life Science businesses need this ability like no other organisation. Have business processes and systems that don’t allow for drastic change, or cause great business disruption when it comes to change, will only ever cause monumental issues. Any organisation in this sector needs business systems and software that allows them to change direction, scale up, or scale down their business processes. The problem is that most software solutions are pretty stagnant, lacking the ability to change, and move dynamically with your organisation.

2. Agility

Next on our list is more of an end result of having software that provides you with the Visibility, Scalability and Flexibility. When your organisation harnesses the power of a true growth platform, such as NetSuite, you what you are left with is something that all businesses strive towards. It makes or breaks many organisations, and it is the power of true business agility. When you have the visibility to see how your business is truly functioning, the scalability to grow, or shrink, and the flexibility to change, and adapt to your environment, the end result is the ability to react as quick as you need to, to any situation.

Business agility is normally the number one aspect of a business that software traditionally butchered, but the cloud has changed everything. Having the ability to react to accurate, real-time data, anywhere, anytime, places the control back in your hands. Software that no longer ties down your business, but actually does the opposite, is a reality.

In Summary

Software should no longer spell pain for your business, and if it does (and we know it does for many of you in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector), it’s time to make a change. There are plenty of high-end solutions that have burst onto the market that now do more than provide the necessary functionality to run your business. This is the future of business technology and software. You need a growth platform. A solution that encourages, and provides the tools for your organisation to thrive and compete in this ever changing world. At 3EN we are proud to represent a true growth platform, that takes businesses on the full journey, from conception, right up to IPO. Alongside the software, we run a specially trained team, whose sole focus is your business success, through harnessing the true power of a modern business growth platform.

Three key takeaways for any business owner, decision maker, or influencer;

  1. If you’re stuck with painful software or providers, don’t hang around too long. Sometimes issues show up with all software, but this shouldn’t be an ongoing business pain. Make the change before you're left behind.

  2. Select a growth platform, not just software that works for today. Read our blog “Dress for your future” to learn more about this.
  3. Select a software provider or partner who is committed to your business goals, objectives and success. Too many organisations are more interested in pushing their own agenda, rather than prioritising your businesses best interests.

If you get these three right, you are definitely on the road to success, and way in front of the pack in terms of modern day businesses.