We are well into 2016 now, February is right around the corner, and we are all starting to get into the swing of things again. For us here at 3EN we are moving into 2016 after a year of substantial growth, and as surprised as you may be to hear this, that brings its own set of issues that need managed. One of the issues that arose about half way through last year was the relevance of our, then, current video content, Two Minute Tuesdays. TMT was implemented inline with 2015's business strategy and planned growth, but fortunately we strayed from our set strategy and grew at a far faster pace than we ever could have imagined or planned for. 

So this year we start new, TMT is sadly gone, but what's taking its place will be far superior. One of the core goals of 3EN is that we want to offer business people and organisations alike something that helps them to grow. So firstly, we will be providing weekly demos of NetSuite's functionality and features. These will focus on specific subjects and demonstrate, step by step, how NetSuite does what it does. Along side this we will be providing weekly subject videos on NetSuite, brought to you by specialists in the field. If you followed TMT last year, you will notice a change in the faces of the organisation. With the growth and the signing of some large contracts, we made it our goal to ensure we employed top level staff who have masses of experience and knowledge. This will hugely benefit us throughout the year, enabling us to offer you content that is function specific and relevant to you.

We look forward to this journey, so please do us a favour and let us know what you want to see presented or in a demo, any struggles you or your business have with NetSuite, or information you would like to know! Whether you are a current NetSuite user, or just checking out your options, we hope to have something that works for you! 

Thanks again!