How SuiteCommerce Innovates and Transforms Business

Based in Tennessee, USA, Bailey Hydraulics is a distributor of both standard and innovative custom mobile hydraulic components for over 38 years. With a focus on supplying not just a product, but a solution for customers, Bailey desired to give a more streamlined online experience for their customers, and their IT systems. Previous to NetSuite, Bailey Hydraulics old system was only loosely coupled with their ERP system, posing struggles with maintaining accurate and readily available inventory info at all times. Effectively running two or even three systems at once, it was time to make a change.

The move to SuiteCommerce was able to satisfy both their desktop and mobile needs, making it easy for a customer to get on their phone, whilst in the field, and order what they need there and then. The Move to SuiteCommerce not only allowed a far more professional view into of their Ecommerce site, but a fully integrated solution with their ERP system means information is readily available, instant pricing, instant order placement and updates, and real time data, allowing the company to make faster decisions and react to their market place far more quickly.

NetSuite is making a huge difference to our business.
— Kevin Bailey, Strategic Advisor to the Board at Bailey Hydraulics