Water For People Makes A Difference With NetSuite

Water for People are a nonprofit focused on bringing clean accessible water to all, specifically those in in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Around the world the demands on the charity and nonprofit sectors have been changing for the good! People now, rightly, expect evidence from nonprofits that their investment actually has a long term impact, and longer term results. With Water for People’s aim of real systematic change globally in water and sanitation, they have put down a marker on programmatic work at scale, with a real emphasis on monitoring and transparency for improvement.

Monitoring is fundamental for nonprofits like Water for People, without having a clear understanding of what's happening, they have nothing to use as a foundation to measure the impact of the work they do, and the donations that are made. Working in 9 countries and in 11 currencies that they consolidate monthly, NetSuite was the only system that was able allow them to clearly see exactly where investments are going.

With previous on-premise applications making it difficult to track funding and expenses, itcompromised the organisation's effectiveness, and also meant that staff wasted time managing and trying to consolidate data sets in in-house IT systems. 

Water for People worked through NetSuite.org corporate citizenship program to implement a proven, flexible cloud solution for a host of non-profit operations. NetSuite OneWorldwas selected as an ideal solution to better manage operations at nearly a dozen international locations.

The demand of transparency on charities and nonprofits today means NetSuite is the perfect system to allow you to open up your books and allow donors and partners to track their donation and impact throughout the entire process, leaving you transparent and flexible to invest in the work your organisation aims to do.