How Big Agnes and Honey Stinger Manage Growth Through NetSuite

We all work to grow our companies. But what if the growth overwhelms us? NetSuite wholesale distribution customer, Big Agnes / Honey Stinger, shares this story of exponential growth and the struggles and complexities presented by it. With two popular brands under a single entity, Big Agnes / Honey Stinger has handled its share of challenges and found a new ability to manage and improve its complex operations with NetSuite.

In world of competitive outdoor sporting goods industry, the keys to business success are constant innovation and accurate insight into customers’ behaviors and market trends! For companies like Big Agnes, who need to do exactly this, you need a solid system behind you that is able to grow and develop with you. 

Discover how NetSuite enabled Big Agnes and Honey Stinger to focus on their customer experience, sales and marketing, and keep the back office pressures out of the way of their customer relationship. Now able to distribute world wide, and with a desire to compete on a global scale, their company now has the reassurance of a system that can grow with them, flow with them and leave room to develop and focus on what matters most to them and their customers.

“The biggest impact NetSuite has had on our business is to let us concentrate on our customers and retail partners, what they’re buying from us, what the opportunities are with them,” Tamucci said. “It’s allowed us to get the back office out of the way and concentrate our core mission.”