When I was first thought about how to write a blog about NetSuite and keep it as a "brief overview", I thought about what the best way to describe NetSuite was, what I should put in, and what I could leave out! With such a multifaceted system it was hard to keep this as a “brief overview”. But the best way to overview NetSuite is this:

‘The #1 Cloud Business Management Software Suite’

So what does NetSuite provide?

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Plan
    •   Financial Management
    •  Supply Chain and Inventory Management
    • Order and Billing Management
    •   Warehouse and Fulfilment
  • CRM+
    •  Sales Force Automation
    • Customer Service Management
    • Partner Relationship Management
    • Mobile capabilities
  •    E commerce
    • Omni channel shopping
    • Single cloud platform
    • Combines e commerce, in-store POS and order management with back office systems
  •  International capabilities
    • Indirect Tax Compliance
    • Financial & Accounting Regulations
    • Comprehensive Currency Management
    • Audit and Compliance Reporting

That was a very brief overview of NetSuite, now let’s throw in some facts, figures and KPI's from NetSuite:

  • Eliminated need and cost to purchase and maintain servers
  • Cuts financial close by over 50%
  • 360 Visibility and Actionable Insight increased by 55%-80%
  • Reduced general ledger consolidation time by 50%-65%

Now that you have a very brief overview of NetSuite, lets take a quick look at what 3EN does  with NetSuite to implements a solution for your organisation.

With the experience of our Project Managers, Business Analysts and Technical Staff, we are able to look at your business needs, understand those needs and customise NetSuite or alter it to suit your needs. We have experts in scripting, databases, configuration, business processes, taxes and the list goes on. We offer a complete breakdown of your business prior to implementation to gather an understanding of what you really need, and how, together, we can best get you where you need to be.