Many people have a misconception of how charities work. There seems to be an idea that we donate money, someone allocates it to the project, and then we see our entire donation go to the cause directly. Charities will tell you, that’s not how it works. As much as everyone would hope it was the case, charities have huge overhead costs in order to be effective in causes. One of those overheads can be IT. Their CRM systems and their money management across different currencies can be a huge drain on their systems and resources. Some using multiple systems to control all of this data. If you are a charity, you will be glad to know, we have a solution. 

NetSuite for Charities

NetSuite, the world leading cloud IT system, have a specific package for Charities and we as 3EN have implementation packages for that solution. We believe in charities. We support lots of charities ourselves. Our mantra after all is:


Have some fun

Do some good

Make some money


The ‘do some good’ part is exactly this. We want to be able to reduce the IT costs of charities so they can focus on delivering the aid they specialise in, to the people that need it. This is why we have a free 5 user licence from NetSuite, and this is why we heavily reduce the cost of implementation of this solution to the charities that qualify. 

To find out if you qualify for the free software licence, please get in touch. We can also organise a free product demo to show you what NetSuite can do for your charity. 

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CRM, Donor Management, marketing campaigns, back office management, HR...

With experience with online databases and business systems, you can use NetSuite for accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), professional services automation (PSA), and e-commerce. This cloud-based software allows you to manage your organisation's accounting and financials, maintain a constituent and donor database, manage inventory, sell products online, and more.

NetSuite for Charities


So why not get in touch with us today to find out how this can benefit you as a charity? Stop spending astronomical amounts on server maintenance, backups, data duplication, and all the other hidden IT costs. Let us work out a total cost of ownership and show you the savings.

For more information or to book a meeting, please contact us. 

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