How Do You Turn A Box Into A Business?

EcoBox - NetSuite Customer success

Bought in 2003, and grown from a single store in Austin, EcoBox added a further store in Austin and launched their Ecommerce site to start expanding. With expanding came issues though! Their current solution only restricted their growth and uniqueness, it was locked in, and their business had to fit the system rather than the system growing with them! EcoBox quickly realised managing multiple locations with different data silos was going to be difficult. They needed software that would support growth, store data in one central location and allowed them to duplicate current processes to multiple subsidiaries seamlessly. 

Implementing NetSuite in 2007 gave EcoBox the confidence to expand to San Antonio, and open a franchise in College Station. NetSuite also enabled EcoBox Ecommerce site to grow with SuiteCommerce, adding in a connector with Amazon opening up a completely new sales channel that they hadn't even realised a year before.

Now shipping out up to 200 items per day through SuiteCommerce and Amazon, grown to 3 stores in Austin, 2 in San Antonio and 1 in College Station, EcoBox couldn't be happier with the solution they took on over 7 years ago.

NetSuite is absolutely one of the biggest components of our success.
— Sam Lee, EcoBox, Managing Partner