About 3EN


3EN is a cloud business software specialist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Established in 2011 as a business advisory service, 3EN have grown to become one of the world's leading experts in all aspects of NetSuite’s cloud business software suite. With offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, and Bonn Germany, 3EN has grown to a global reach and recognition, delivering software and services to organisations of every size spanning most of the globe.


3EN are a team of business and software specialists with a passion for seeing businesses succeed with the use of modern software and technology. The core concept of the 3EN brand is our belief in the 3 “EN’s” of business improvement.

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Communicate with our clients on a personal and professional level to create a solid understanding and vision of the intricacies of how their business works. Allowing us to understand specific business struggles and needs, helping us develop a unique plan to deliver business improvement on a level that really matters.

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Creating a solution that delivers all our client's pain points and struggles. Enabling the client to focus on doing what they do best, and us to deliver a solution that fits, delivers, and drives success.

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3EN is driven by innovation and success, meaning that everything we do is done with the core focus on enhancing your business software experience.


3EN’s mission is to engage, enable, and enhance our clients business experience through cloud software, services, & technology.