What are 3EN Apps?

3EN Apps are innovative enhancements to NetSuite and creative tools to help those working with NetSuite. Developed by our team of in house software engineers, our range of Apps are designed to expand and enhance the NetSuite experience, streamlining processes and driving new efficiencies. Our solutions are focused on delivering significant time & cost savings, keeping your business software as a single cloud-based solution for all your business needs.


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Embrace a connected business through unio, the NetSuite integration platform built for business agility, process efficiency and data accuracy.

Built from the ground up for NetSuite, Unio uses the power of the cloud to connect your business and unify your processes, data and systems.

One integration, multiple connectors.




Take your NetSuite experience to the next level with View, the first dedicated NetSuite dashboard of its kind. Driven by your reports on NetSuite, your key business information and data is always available at a glance with view.


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Welcome your employees and guests with hello, a facial recognition office sign in app and remote mobile application integrated with NetSuite.


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Book unifies your meeting room booking functionality into a modern and easy to use tablet run application that links to NetSuite and view dashboards.


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Collate is an automated risk mitigation tool that enables you to make changes to your system with the confidence that no negative impact will occur. By extracting your  NetSuite configuration and customisations it enables you to see what impact changes would have on your entire system.


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NetSuite Autocomplete

An autocomplete package for atom that autocompletes functions from the NetSuite SuiteScript api.


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A NetSuite mock framework used for unit testing your SuiteScripts! Built test framework agnostic, you can use this framework to test your scripts for either SuiteScript 1 or 2.


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3EN WebDriver

3EN webdriver enables developers to write tests that manipulate the NetSuite UI directly in the browser. This can be used for regression testing, developing new features, and to extract data from NetSuite that is not exposed through the SuiteScripts API.



3EN receives support from Invest Northern Ireland under EU Investment