3EN Annual Awards

We are coming to the end of another year, and as always, we love to honour our teams for their contribution to 3EN through our annual awards. Below is a list of categories, some serious & some not so serious.

How To Nominate

Click the "Start Voting" button below, view the categories, enter your nominee for each award, then submit your nominations.


  1. You may only nominate an individual a maximum of 3 times

  2. NO self-nominations

Winners will be announced on Friday 14th December before our Christmas dinner.

Have some fun!😉

Biggest country bumpkin.
For Excellence in always talking a big game.
Least likely to be found.
For the one who makes the most of every day.
The most comforting.
The most versatile.
The most sparkling personality
For the one that is always there to help others.
For the most enthusiastic about 3EN.
For the most organised.
For the most likely to hand off work.
For the most vigilant of what everyone else is doing.
For the biggest risk taker.
For just being one of those regular people.
For the person that everyone turns to.
The one with the most energy.
For the person who always has snacks.
For the person who is never lost for words... ever!
For the person who always figures out the worst case scenario.
For the best newcomer in the past 12 months.